Your godly lovers will thank you no matter what happens. For they choose and cherish your presence above everything else. Psalm 140:13

The gift of free will is one of those treasures that God chose to give man from the very beginning. He, in His infinite wisdom, knew the inherent danger of creating man with the power to make decisions. The enemy promising the virtues of sin was ever lurking, waiting for an opportunity to exploit this precious gift. Even, with that as an inevitable outcome, God made us fully able to decide for ourselves the path we would choose.

It seems like it didn’t take long for the enemy to make his presence known and accomplish his goal, but his schemes are not usually quickly executed. They are the work of a master who knows how to copy God, and who patiently orchestrates destruction. One choice, leads us to another, and as the dominoes of fear, shame, and control take over, the stage is set for our demise. This is the ugly underbelly of evil that we all choose to ignore. It is far to painful to face the truth of our own weakness and shallowness.

But, choice, doesn’t have to only break one way. Just as one choice can change the course of history for evil, one active decision to choose God is even more dynamic. Light always pushes out the darkness, no matter how dark and entrenched. Love always triumphs, even if it isn’t readily apparent in the moment. His godly lovers a thankful, grateful heart are a superpower that guards our hearts and clears the space of our minds to make wise choices.

It is love that compels us to run toward Him and not away. It is that unwavering trust and belief that He will always do what is best, regardless of how it looks, that leads us to life. At the end of the day, what we cherish and worship will either bring us life or death. What we cherish and hold dear, in an uncompromising determined way, is the tipping point that causes our path to be full of light or a slow slide to hell.

Possibly the greatest challenge to choosing life is that life often doesn’t go as planned. There are disappointments, losses, and unexpected challenges that undermine our ability to trust. However, if our affection is fully and unwaveringly focused on the God who loves us, we can weather the storms of adversity from the protection of His wrap-around presence. There is a recognition, not just a cognitive assent to God’s goodness, but a deep-seated, strength we draw upon every time we choose Him. That is the bedrock of life, the roots that go down deep, the tree planted by the banks of living water that continually bears fruit.

When we discover that the best place, really the only place there is life is in His presence, we will find it easy to choose Him every time. Being with our Father is far more valuable than any accomplishment we can add to our resume. Loving Jesus well, brings delight more euphoric than any endorphin inducing drug. Dancing the dance of life with the Holy Spirit is full of surprise, intrigue and adventure. Abundant life is at stake, so why would we choose anything else?

There are seasons that we take time to evaluate where we are and where we hope to be in the future. Laying out, with gut-level honesty the things, people, and goals that have driven us in life will help bring into focus what is really important. It is so true that when we find Him, there is nothing more to pursue. Seek the kingdom, pursue the king, and all the other things will come our way. And, truth be told, they aren’t as impressive as we might have once believed. You are God’s ultimate prize. When He is ours, life is good.