Tim & Dawn Cole

Tim & Dawn Cole are pastors, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and authors with a passion to raise up spiritual sons and daughters who will re-present the Father to the world through Jesus. They carry transformational messages of identity in Christ, the gospel of grace, hearing the voice of God, leadership, and the supernatural kingdom of God.

Tim and Dawn have authored several books, including 40 Days in Hebrews, A Prophetic Journey, Let’s Talk, and Pursuing the One. They serve as the Senior Leads of Destiny Church in Lexington Kentucky and have had the privilege of ministering in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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Tim and Dawn Cole travel and speak at conferences, seminars, coaching sessions, leadership training, and more.  Why not invite one or both of them to be a part of your next event or bring one of their events listed in the engage menu option above?

Their wisdom, experience, authenticity, and gifting make them sought after leaders who care about the success of those they speak and minister to.  Whatever the size of your church, business, or organization, Tim & Dawn will bring a transformational encounter to suit the occasion.

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Places we’ve ministered…

map of US

Berlin, Germany
Helsinki, Finland
London, England
Manchester, England
Durham, England
Janowice Wielke, Poland
Jelania Gora, Poland
Swierobdecie, Poland
Olesno, Poland
Karłowice, Poland
Wroclaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Prague, Czech Republic
Bergen, Norway
Oslo, Norway
Stavanger, Norway
Malawi, Africa
Moscow, Russia
Kyzyl, Tuva
Tijuana, Mexico

New Jersey
Rhode Island