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With a firm belief that there is more of life to experience and discover, we are committed to the process of learning and growing.  To encourage and equip others along their journey, we offer books, blogs, training courses, and videos with current revelation and practical application. 

God has seeded the best things in life into the relationships around us.

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16 – Testimony

Sharing our personal experience with Jesus actually builds a bridge of faith for those who do not believe and helps them borrow our faith for their first steps toward Jesus.

15 – Worship

The kind of worship God is looking for will make most of us uncomfortable and at the outer boundary of what is a normal experience for us. True worship begins from a place of Truth and commitment to the Spirit.

14 – Obstacles

Communicating with unbelievers about Jesus, the Kingdom, and spiritual things can be challenging when their worldview perspective raises significant obstacles to having a real exchange. Jesus by-passed obstacles and gave the woman at the well a real encounter that changed her life.

13 Fulfillment

We were created to live out our identity under the blessing of God as we fulfill our divine assignments in life. This puts spiritual fuel in our tanks and creates the sense of fulfillment that comes from being part of something larger than ourselves.

12 Hiding

When we get a revelation of who God is and what His posture is toward us, we can finally come out of hiding, even when we fall or make mistakes, and run toward Him.

11 Supernatural

The primary thing that separates us from everything else in the natural world is the supernatural. – John 9:24-25

10 Awareness

Jesus was on task and committed to His mission. But He was always aware of His Father and those around Him which enabled Him to facilitate the divine moments of others along His journey, – John 9:1-7

09 Processing Truth

Maturity requires that we are aware of and learn to process our lives in real-time using multiple layers of truth. – John 7:24

08 Honor & Faith

Faith enables us to stand in the gap between what we believe and our current circumstance. Honoring God and His presence activates and enlarges our faith. – John 5:44

07 Spirit

Being born again means being born spiritually and having Holy Spirit living inside of you. John 3:3-8

Journey Into Grace

Tim Cole & Jim Davis share a 27 video series aimed at inviting you to have your own Journey into Grace!  Using a conversational format to share personal stories & unpacking Biblical truths of God’s Grace, these 10-20 minute videos are consumable over any break in your day.

Some of the topics we cover are: Truth about Grace, Context for Grace, Power of Grace, Fundamentals of Grace, Finished work of Christ, Controversy of Grace, and how the Grace of God is the Power for Personal Transformation.

Learning Courses

Welcome to the Family

What every believer needs to know

12 Video Lessons | 115 page Manual


The transformation that takes place on the inside when we come into relationship with Jesus is a big deal.  That is why it is so important to begin to understand what has happened and who we have now become in Christ.

A Prophetic Journey

Learning to Hear God’s Voice

18 Video Lessons | 150 page Manual


This 18 lesson online video course will teach you about the ways God speaks to us, how to process what we are hearing God say, and how hearing God’s voice impacts our interactions with others around us.

Teaching Videos

Watch Videos of Dawn

Dawn is a gifted teacher and storyteller.  She is passionate about inspiring people to live to their fullest.  For now, her videos on our Vimeo.  Clicking the button below will take you there.

Watch Videos of Tim

Tim is an inspirational speaker who uses his coaching and leadership expertise to encourage an authentic growth journey for those who listen.  For now, his videos are on Vimeo.  Clicking the button below will take you there.