Principles from John’s Gospel

15 – Worship

The kind of worship God is looking for will make most of us uncomfortable and at the outer boundary of what is a normal experience for us. True worship begins from a place of Truth and commitment to the Spirit.

14 – Obstacles

Communicating with unbelievers about Jesus, the Kingdom, and spiritual things can be challenging when their worldview perspective raises significant obstacles to having a real exchange. Jesus by-passed obstacles and gave the woman at the well a real encounter that changed her life.

13 Fulfillment

We were created to live out our identity under the blessing of God as we fulfill our divine assignments in life. This puts spiritual fuel in our tanks and creates the sense of fulfillment that comes from being part of something larger than ourselves.

10 Awareness

Jesus was on task and committed to His mission. But He was always aware of His Father and those around Him which enabled Him to facilitate the divine moments of others along His journey, – John 9:1-7