Europe - March & April 2024

Going to England, Norway, Denmark, Germany, & Poland to build leaders, encourage & establish churches, and partner with Habitation Ministry, Revive Europe, & 700Miast to raise up revivalists on university campuses all across Europe.

Tim & Dawn Cole

Tim and Dawn Cole are pastors, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, and authors with a passion to raise up spiritual sons and daughters who will re-present the Father to the world just like Jesus did.  They carry transformational messages of identity in Christ, the gospel of grace, hearing the voice of God, leadership, creativity, and the supernatural kingdom of God.

Tim and Dawn have authored several books, including Redefining Love, 40 Days in Hebrews, A Prophetic Journey, Let’s Talk, and Pursuing the One. They serve as the Senior Leads of Destiny Church in Lexington Kentucky and have been privileged to minister in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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Recent Books

Redefining Love Book

Ministry to the Nations – March & April 2024

Partnership with Revive Europe

Tim and Dawn have been invited to join the Revive Europe team to develop a prophetic & supernatural culture within the Revive Movement.  Revive was founded by Sarah Bruel, the Director of Revive, with a mission to provide an encounter with God for university students and sow the seed of revival all across Europe.

Journey into Grace

This conversational series dives into the topics of faith, grace, works, righteousness, forgiveness, repentance, conviction, and our conscience.  It is really a “must have” biblical foundation for every believer.


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