Redefining Love: A New Perspective on an Old Flame

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You have been invited into a whole new encounter with Love.

Love waits . . . Can love really be defined by how quickly it responds?
Love goes . . . Can anything stop love from pursing its goal?
Love covers . . . Does love excuse sin or create space for change?
Love challenges . . .Is the goal of love comfort or growth?
Love empowers . . . Can love really conquer anything?
Love Blossoms . . . What is love producing in your life?

Love is rich, full, and something we havent completely figured out yet. Possibly the most beautiful thing about love is that it continues. It is the genesis of all life and will be what sustains it for eternity. God doesnt just love, He is love. His essence can be summed up in that one attribute.

Let love lead you into places you never imagined existed, beyond the best Hollywood portrayal of a love story. Love (God) is offering you an adventure that will never end. Yielding your heart to His will bring unfathomable encounters with a love so deep, so wide, so complete you will never be the same or want to go back to life without love.

The adventure begins . . .

Dawn is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, lover of God and all things creative. Her passion is to see everyone living out their destiny and purpose with intention and success. She has written and co-authored several books as well as trains and equips leaders in the areas of creativity, vision, and problem solving. She and her husband Tim, pastor a church in Lexington, KY and travel the world partnering with churches and leaders to bring heaven to earth and to disciple nations.

Pages: 108

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